P.G. Demidov
State University


6 may 2014

Edward Robinson

Edward Robinson,  а student from Sheffield. He studied in Yaroslavl in September-December, 2012.

6 may 2014

Nadezhda Golovchanova

Nadezhda Golovchanova, a researcher from P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University. She talks about her participation in the ERANET MUNDUS project.

6 may 2014

Charles Ruegger and Rhiannon Tippery

Charles Ruegger, a student from Vermont (the USA), and Rhiannon Tippery from Minnesota (the USA). They studied in Yaroslavl for the second time in 2011-2012.

6 may 2014

Imogen Evans

Imogen Evans, a student from Cambridge. She studied in Yaroslavl in 2012-2013. She talks about her choice of living and learning Russian in Yaroslavl.

24 march 2014

Julia Nogue-Batalie

Julia Nogue-Batalie, a student from Barcelona. She studied in P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University within the ERANET MUNDUS student exchange programme in 2012.

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