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Demidov Yaroslavl State University

150003, Yaroslavl, 14 Sovetskaya str.
International Affairs: +7 (4852) 788680,
+7 (4852) 797746
Fax: +7 (4852) 788682
e-mail: depint@uniyar.ac.ru
Rector's office: +7 (4852) 797702
Fax: +7 (4852) 255787
e-mail: rectorat@uniyar.ac.ru

24 march 2014

Georgina Patricia Crane

Georgina Patricia Crane, a student from Exeter (the UK). She studied in Yaroslavl in September-December, 2012. She talks about studying and living in Russia.

17 october 2007

Adam Julian, student.

Even though my time in Yaroslavl was short ( one month) I come to love this city, this university and its people. Everyone at the university has been extremely helpful and I’ve learned a lot. My time in Yaroslavl has left me with great memories and even better friends. I will definitely be back to visit and hopefully to improve my Russian. Thank you to everyone, but most importantly to Irina Vasilyevna for helping me every step along the way.

12 july 2007

Jared Roberts, student

My time in Yaroslavl has been a great experience. The city is a beautiful city, and the people were great too. I learned a lot here in the last six weeks and I can’t wait to return in January.

4 july 2007

Juho Alander, student, University of Jyväskylä

Sitting here it’s hard to realize that I only have three days left in Yaroslavl. The year has really gone fast, and left lasting impressions. I have been able to truly settle in Yaroslavl, and I will always have a place, and more importantly, people to return to here.

It was difficult in the beginning, warm days in September, struggling with the language and lack of social life, being the only non-Middlebury student around. But that was only the beginning. By the time I left for Christmas I was comfortable with Russian, I had friends to spend time with, and had built a comfortable lifestyle here.

In the spring I was already busy, sometimes tired, and definitely in my own place. My life hasn’t been the typical experience for exchange students, with partying in international company and staying up every night. Instead it has been real, normal life. Teaching, studying, spending time with local friends. Of that, I’m glad.

I want to thank the girls in the international office for their help, especially in the beginning, my teacher for interesting lessons and understanding, when my homework was undone because of some story or another…

Yaroslavl has been the second place I built my home too, and it will forever remain that. It has inspired love to the country, language and people which will never die,. It has shown me, that I can and will survive wherever I want to. I will be back.

For those who come here after me, have courage. It can be difficult, but go, do, speak, mingle. It gets easier every time, and soon you’ll be doing it without even realizing it. And enjoy.

5 june 2006

Shayne Evans, The University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Looking back on this past year, it’s so surprising to see how fast it has gone. It’s hard to believe that I have almost been here for a whole year.. I thought that over time, living in Russia would become ordinary, that all the sights and sounds would become normal for me. In this, I was wrong. Everybody, the architecture and the people seem new and refreshing. I have never lived in a city that has been so alive and wonderful.

I am really going to miss all the friends that I have made here. The professors here are great and it has been very enjoyable to study here in Yaroslavl. When I first arrived, I struggled with basic communication. The first time I argued with a shop keeper about a broken CD, I felt proud that I could do so, I have learned so much< and in doing so, learned how much more there is to learn. I wish I had more time to do so.

After I graduate, I hope to visit Yaroslavl each year. I’ll be here in 2010, that’s for sure.

I want to thank everybody at the University for making this a great year. It was better than I had hoped.

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