P.G. Demidov
State University

Conditions and the procedure of receiving manuscripts

  1. The editorial office receives materials to be published on the theme of the main sections of the journal in the Russian language. Scientific articles are received throughout the year and in case of positive results of independent expert opinion are included in the next issue of the journal in the order of their receipt.
  2. The articles of high scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance are published in the journal. The articles should contain the basic scientific results of research. Their authors may be researchers, doctoral students, graduate students.
  3. Authors submit the following materials to the Editorial Board:
    1. printed version of the article;
    2. license agreement.
  4. The received materials are registed, and within two weeks a confirmation of the receipt of the article is sent to the author (authors).
  5. The articles that do not meet the conditions of clause .3 are not considered, and this is reported to the author.
  6. Review of the article, composed by a doctor of Sciences in the field of research of the author (authors). The review should reflect scientific novelty, significance and evidence of scientific results contained in the article, and recommendations for its publication in the journal. The review is submitted on paper. The signature of the reviewer is certified in personnel Department in the place of his/her permanent employment (template of the review, Regulations on reviewing);

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