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Demidov Yaroslavl State University

Наш адрес: 150003, г. Ярославль, ул. Советская, д. 14
График работы с посетителями в отделах университета:
пн, вт, ср, чт: 9.00-12.00, 14.00-17.00,
пт: 9.00-12.00, 14.00-16.00.
Приемная комиссия: 
г. Ярославль, ул.Кирова, 8/10
График работы приемной комиссии:
пн - пт: 9.00-16.00
+7 (4852) 303210, +7 (4852) 788533.
Ректорат: +7 (4852) 797702
Факс: +7 (4852) 255787
e-mail: rectorat@uniyar.ac.ru

Стипендия для молодых журналистов

Вы учитесь в одном из российских вузов и владеете журналистскими знаниями и навыками? Master in Finance (MSc) program at the University of Ulm

                 RWTH Master’s College for M.Sc. Physics

                 Стипендия для молодых журналистов



Master in Finance (MSc) program at the University of Ulm, Germany

The program is taught in English, and prior knowledge in Finance is not needed. University of Ulm is ranked first among German universities under 50 years old and 16 worldwide, according to an analysis by Times Higher Education that is based on research and teaching excellence. The faculty’s expertise in state-of-the-art techniques gives you a competitive edge in the job market. Teaching is quantitative and practical at the same time. There is no tuition thanks to government support. And the city of Ulm is beautiful, lively and safe.

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RWTH Master’s College for M.Sc. Physics – Your Chance for Excellent
Education in Germany!

For Physics, RWTH Aachen University is consistently ranked among the top universities in Germany. The Physics Department in Aachen, comprising 11 research institutes, provides a rich variety of Master’s courses and opportunities to participate in interdisciplinary, top-quality research at one of the best technical universities in Germany. An innovative  programme, the Master’s College, links excellent education to the needs of international students, providing them with all resources to succeed in their chosen focus of study. The
international Master’s degree in Physics from RWTH Aachen University is recognized worldwide.

Students enrolled in this programme have the opportunity to choose a desired course of study falling either into the research direction of Particle and Astroparticle Physics or Condensed Matter Physics, with an experimental or a theoretical focus. Tracks of study are:

• Experimental Particle Physics
• Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology
• Quantum Field Theory and Gauge Theories
• Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
• Condensed Matter Theory
• Nanoelectronics

Please refer to our website www.masterscollege.rwth-aachen.de [2] for
detailed information.
Master of Science degree
Taught in English
Start: August 2015
Duration: 2 years
Application Deadline: March 1st
Apply now via http://www.rwth-aachen.de/ioam [3]

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Стипендия для молодых журналистов!

Вы учитесь в одном из российских вузов и владеете журналистскими знаниями и

Вы очень хорошо говорите на немецком языке и давно мечтаете о практике в
газете, на радио, в телевизионной редакции или в PR-отделе крупной
компании в Германии?

Тогда непременно отправьте заявку на стипендию «Стажировка для журналистов
2015» и мы, возможно, уже скоро увидимся с Вами на отборочном туре в Москве!

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DAAD 2012

[2] http://www.masterscollege.rwth-aachen.de
[3] http://www.rwth-aachen.de/ioam
[4] http://www.daad.ru

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