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Визит Марка Кобба в Ярославль

Студент ЯрГУ Артем Оборевич рассказал, чем ему запомнился визит в Ярославль президента шахматной школы штата Канзас Марка Кобба (in English)

It is rare to find a man with such a great and incredible destiny, with such big expirience and unique philosophy. He is combination of will and patience, desire and inspiration. 
His name is Marck Cobb and he is pilot with 25 years expirience in US Air Force in the defence of his nation, lawyer and diplomat with another 25 years expirience. He had been working in US Embassy in 80s in Moscow. He negotiated the first flights between Russia and USA after cold war in the previous century.

Nowadays he haven't lost his desire to live and to learn things around him. He still travels around the world. Also he shares his great expirience to young men and women to inspire them.
In Yaroslavl it was the lecture called "Chess within business". It was first time Marck spoke about it in Russia. The lecture was about responsibility for decisions in business. American guest told us about very principal moments in making decisions. He taught us to be patient and not to make sharp movements without plan to win in whole race. Marck told us the business is like a chess in comparison. You have to think strategically to achieve result.

In response, we showed him the most famous places in Yaroslavl after lecture.
Finally, it was fascinating to open new horizons with Mark Cobb help. We are waiting to our next meeting with him.

written by Artem Oborevich

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