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Demidov Yaroslavl State University

The Biology and Ecology Faculty

The Biology and Ecology Faculty was opened on June, 3 1981 by the order # 318 of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Education of the R.S.F.S.R. According to this order the Faculty of Biology and Psychology was divided into Biology and Psychology Faculties. The Biology and Ecology Faculty of YSU was the first one in Russia to prepare specialists in ecology (since 1994) and has great experience in this area.

At present the faculty prepares broad specialists –biologists and ecologists. It contains the Morphology Department, the Ecology and Zoology Department, the Botany and Microbiology Department, the Human Physiology and Zoophysiology Department, the General and Bioorganic Chemistry Department, and also a greenhouse, a vivarium, a zoological museum and a stationary bio-station “Uleima” in a picturesque place of Uglich Region.

Most researches combine theory and practical approach to solving problems in various areas of biology (rational nature management, nutrition problems, medical aspects, industrial sanitation, preservation of the natural environment, organic synthesis and others). Many graduation researches at the faculty are devoted to the problems of Yaroslavl and Yaroslavl Region (the quality of water, air, polluted grounds, the number of flora and fauna representatives, population sickness rate). For several years the faculty specialists have examined the state of the river Kotorosl, Lake Pleshcheyevo, Lake Nero, the biodiversity of Yaroslavl environs. For the last 5 years the new themes of graduate researches have appeared: immunology researches or the ones with the application of immunology methods, human ecology and others.

The scientific potential of the faculty is focused on the successful research of important problems of biology, chemistry and ecology. A scientific “product” of the faculty scientists is successfully realized in numerous reports at conferences and congresses of different levels, in ponderable publications in national magazines, collected scientific articles and monographs. The researches results are inseparably linked with the teaching process: they are used at laboratory classes, in students’ term and graduate papers, and also in preparing dissertations.

Teaching specialists is funded both from the state budget and also by juridical and physical persons on the contract basis with the focus on regional needs. The faculty prepares candidates of science in five specialities and doctors of science at the Department of General and Bioorganic Chemistry.

More detailed information about the procedure of entering the Biology and Ecology Faculty, academic curricula and courses on the corresponding speciality you can find at the Admission Commission and on the university web-site