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Demidov Yaroslavl State University

The History Faculty

The university has trained specialists in history since 1971. First it was the History Department of the History and Law Faculty, and since 1987 the History Faculty has been an independent division.

The faculty teaches students of specilaities: History, Museum Studies, Socio-Cultural Services and Tourism. The teaching staff of the faculty includes honoured specialists having doctors’ degree and candidates’ degree in history.

The faculty contains the Department of Medieval and Modern Russian History, the Department of Current Russian History, General History Department, the Department of Museum and Local Lore Studies, the Department of Region Studies and Tourism.

The faculty is engaged in scientific research in many areas of domestic and general history: the industrial history of Russia in the thirteenth-nineteenth centuries, the military domestic history, the issues of source study of Russia in the nineteenth-twentieth centuries, the history of civil war in Russia, the antique history, the history of Asia and Africa, the new and the newest history of Europe and America, the history and culture of the Upper-Volga region, the theory and practice of museum studies, natural and cultural heritage preservation.

The faculty has an effective post-graduate course, the council for defending doctoral theses in domestic and general history. The faculty contains the military history laboratory, oriental studies laboratory, African studies laboratory, Yaroslavl Region history and culture laboratory; archaeology and religious history study group successfully works.

Students take part in archaeological and ethnographic expeditions. The faculty publishes collected scientific articles of students and post-graduates “The Way to Science” and the anthology “The Present Century and the Past Century”.

More detailed information about the procedure of entering the History Faculty, academic curricula and courses on the corresponding speciality you can find at the Admission Commission and on the university web-site