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Demidov Yaroslavl State University

Information and Computer Science

Information and Computer Science Faculty was opened in 1986.

It prepares bachelors, masters, PhDs in the area of programming and information technologies.

The faculty contains five departments:

  • Computing and Programming Department;
  • Discrete Analysis Department;
  • Theoretical Informatics Department;
  • Networks Department;
  • Information and Network Technologies.

Two laboratories work at the faculty:

  • Educational-Research Laboratory of Digital Processing of Signals and Images;
  • International Delaunay Laboratory “Discrete and Computational Geometry” (the grant of the RF government, was founded together the scientists of the Mathematics Faculty, the head of the project - an Austrian professor Herbert Edelsbrunner);

The Research and Educational Center “Innovative Programming” performs fundamental and applied researches in the field of modern programming and verification of systems, promotion of existing developments and technologies in various fields of activity.

The teachers, students, and post-graduates of the faculty take an active part in

the Finnish-Russian University Cooperation in Telecommunications — FRUCT.

The faculty publishes a scholarly journal “Modeling and Information Systems Analysis”.