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Demidov Yaroslavl State University

Institute for Digital and Instructional Systems Design

The purpose of the Institute for Digital and Instructional Systems Design is the development of the digital educational environment of YarSU, the use and implementation of modern methods of organizing educational activities based on e-learning and distance learning technologies.

The Institute creates and maintains digital educational resources for YarSU, and, together with other divisions of YarSU, develops and implements continuing educational programs aimed at improving competencies in various fields and areas of professional activity, as well as individual educational projects using available digital resources (educational platforms) .

A separate task of the Institute is to help teachers and students in the development and use of basic digital skills in accordance with the model of new foundational skills of the digital economy.

The Institute cooperates with universities and other educational organizations, as well as leading Russian providers of online education.

Online studios have been opened on the premises of the Institute for Digital and Instructional Systems Design - rooms and workplaces for teachers to work online: videoconferencing, recording lectures and developing video content for online courses.

Access to digital educational resources from the university network is provided to students and teachers: digital educational platforms, electronic libraries, databases.

Contact Information:

for correspondence:

150003 Yaroslavl 14 Sovetskaya str.,
Institute for Digital and Instructional Systems Design


Yaroslavl 3 Komsomolskaya str., 303

e-mail: dpdi@uniyar.ac.ru
tel.: (4852) 788619

Rudaya Irina Lvovna,
PhD Doctor of Economic Sciences,

Shamatonova Galina Leonidovna,
PhD Candidte of Political Sciences,
Deputy Director