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Demidov Yaroslavl State University

applying for:

  • degree programmes
  • non-degree programmes

The International Affairs staff provide visa and registration support, counseling services, and accommodation arrangements. Given that foreign citizens should strictly follow the rules of registration and stay in the Russian Federation, the staff members do their best to assist with this. In the initial stage all you must do is to submit a letter of interest, fill in the application form, and send a copy of your passport details at: depint@uniyar.ac.ru.

To process an invitation you must provide us with a copy of your passport, and the following information:

  • date and place of birth
  • the dates of the period of your stay
  • educational background
  • the address of your current employer
  • the name of the embassy or consulate city from which you will obtain your visa.

Applicants for Degree programmes

All Degree programmes are taught in the Russian language. More information is availble at  priem.uniyar.ac.ru

For international students additional documents are required:

  • medical certificate (including AIDS certificate)
  • copies of the Russian Language Skills Certificate
  • copies of other certificates and diplomas, translated into the Russian language and verified by the notary.

If you are applying as a graduate student ("aspirant"), there are some additional requirements. For more details, contact Graduate Studies Department at: +7 (4852) 79-77-53 .

View the Degree programmes here.

Applicants for non-Degree programmes

To apply for lingustic programmes or courses taught at the Institutes/Faculties you will need to provide us with:

  • date and place of birth
  • educational background,
  • the address of your current employer
  • the name of the embassy or consulate city from which you will obtain your visa


Prospective students will be accommodated in downtown Yaroslavl, close to the University. They live in a host family with a private room and half board (morning and evening meals). Alternatively, you may be offered a furnished apartment.


The tuition fee for degree programmes at the institutes/faculties may range from $ 1 650 to              $ 2 170 per academic year. The language of instruction is Russian. Tuition fee for non-degree programmes depends on the number of students in the group and the number of contact academic hours. There are also fees for invitation processing and medical insurance. The cost of these services is under review and approximate expenditures will be provided on an individual basis.