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Demidov Yaroslavl State University

The Economics Faculty

The Economics Faculty opened in 1971 is now one of the important centers for preparing highly qualified specialists for regional economy. It is a modern university’s structure with eminently qualified team of professors and teachers having academic degrees and titles.

The faculty prepares specialists in specialities: Accounting, Analysis and Auditing; World Economy; Finances and Credit giving a qualification “An Economist” and Organization Management giving a qualification “A Manager”.

The faculty contains the Department of Accounting and Audit, the Department of Economic Analysis and Information Science, the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship, the Department of World Economy and Statistics, the Department of Finances and Credit. The faculty has the office with literature on teaching and teaching methods.

The main directions of scientific research at the faculty are: modern methodological and theoretical problems of improving accounting and audit at Russian enterprises; peculiarities of economic system performance under conditions of transitional economy; theory, methods and modelling in economic analysis; the main directions of improving the strategy of Russian enterprises in modern conditions; the problems of invoking innovation and investment of enterprises and forming an effective economy; methodology and methods of statistic analysis of socio-economic development and planning tendencies; methodology of research in modern world economy and forming regional external economic strategy; improving finance and credit mechanism in modern conditions; the problems of improving accounting, analysis and audit; the strategy of socio-economic development of Russia in the conditions of globalization.

The faculty has a post-graduate course in specialities Economics and National Economy Management; there is an academic council for defending candidates’ theses. The faculty is very active in scientific research; they hold international and All-Russian scientific and practical conferences with a wide geography of participants, a scientific magazine “An Economic Bulletin” is published.

More detailed information about the procedure of entering the Economics Faculty, academic curricula and courses on the corresponding speciality you can find at the Admission Commission and on the university web-site