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Demidov Yaroslavl State University

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

The faculty was founded in 1990 as the Faculty of Social Sciences, in 1997 it was renamed into the Faculty of Socio-Political Sciences. At present the faculty prepares students in specialities: Political Science, Sociology, Social Work. The faculty has highly qualified teachers, most of them being doctors and candidates of science.

The faculty contains the Department of Socio-Political Theories, the Department of Social Technologies, the Department of Economics and Socio-Economic Policy, the Department of Philosophy and Culture Studies, the Department of Sociology, the Department of Russian History.

The Faculty of Socio-Political Sciences has the library; the Laboratory of Social Technologies; teaching and research Centre of Conflictology. Besides, the Department of Social Technologies has the representative office of the distance learning programme of the Institute for International Studies of Stanford University (the USA), giving students and post-graduates the opportunity of getting extra education on some problems of political science and international relations. The faculty graduates have the opportunity of continuing their education at a postgraduate course.

The main directions of scientific research at the faculty are: important issues of modern human studies (philosophical aspect); the problems of society and person cognition; human beings phenomena; peculiarities of a political process in modern Russia; modern electoral technologies in Russia; political management; ethnopolitical conflictology, social migrations, inequality sociology, international relations sociology, mass communication sociology, political sociology, the history of land and peasants problem in Russia (nineteenth-twentieth centuries), the history of Yaroslavl Region of the twentieth century; the history of revolutions and counterrevolutions in Russia; the history and historiography of the Great Patriotic War; modern political history.

The faculty cares about student’s leisure, helps in placing in a job, organizes probations and scientific exchange with foreign universities.

More detailed information about the procedure of entering the Faculty of Socio-Political Sciences, academic curricula and courses on the corresponding speciality you can find at the Admission Commission and on the university web-site