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Demidov Yaroslavl State University

Research & Educational Centers

The academics of P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University carry out scientific research in various fields of knowledge. The university has a remarkable research tradition in history, psychology, law, and is currently branching out into important modern sectors, such as nano-science, IT and applied mathematics, applied chemistry, economics, ecology and social politics. 

The main areas of scientific research at YarSU are:

1.     Mathematical research methods, discrete and continuous systems optimization.

2.     Study of substances, materials and processes: physical basis and modeling.

3.     Information Systems Analysis and Modeling.

4.     Natural and anthropogenic environmental factors and problems in monitoring; 

Ecology and rational nature management.

5.     Modern economic issues in market conditions.

6.     Problems in improvement of legal system to ensure national security of the Russian society.

7.     Structure, synthesis and reactivity of molecular and supramolecular systems in chemical 

and biochemical processes.

8.     Psychological foundations of professional activities and social practice.

9.     Urgent issues of philosophical, social and political sciences.

10.   Philology and communication in theoretical and applied aspects.

11.   Urgent issues in national and world history.

12.   Theory and practice of advertising and tourism industry.

The research work is organised within a number of centres:

  • Scientific & Educational Center "Bioengineering and Applied Bioelementology"
  • Scientific & Educational Center “Technologies of Information Encryption and Protection”
  • Scientific & Educational Center “Radiophysics and Radio Engineering”
  • Scientific & Educational Center “Radio Engineering Systems”
  • Scientific & Educational Center “Telecommunications and Information Security”
  • Scientific & Educational Center “Regional Historical Research”
  • Scientific & Educational Center “Social and Political Studies”
  • Scientific & Educational Center “Living systems”
  • Scientific & Educational Center “Quantum Processes in Astrophysical Environment”
  • Scientific & Educational Center “Innovative Development of Economy and Competitiveness of Russian Enterprises”
  • Scientific & Educational Center “The Humanity and Justice in Modern Russian Law”
  • Scientific & Educational Center “Systemogenesis of Professional and Educational Activities”
  • Scientific & Educational Center “Nanotechnology and Innovations”
  • Research and Educational Center “Physical Organic Chemistry”
  • Research & Educational Center “Innovative Programming”
  • Research and Educational Center “Classical Studies”
  • Research & Educational Center “Nonlinear Dynamics”